Antelope Hunt 2011

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August always seems to be the hottest month of the year and in 2011 it sure enough proved to be. Thirteen days spent camped off the side of the road in a dirt pit with our jumping jack and an easy up. The daily forecast hovered in the hundreds with the of exception of a thunderstorm beating us down for two of them. You could say we had our own Burning Man during the days back at camp.

All in all we had an amazing time.

We chased two antelope who we thought were toads, but to others I’m sure would be considered less than that. Each one had a harem of up to 10-15 females making it really tough to get in close. So many eyes looking in all directions. It was like a freeway system where we were. Guys driving in and out and around at all times of morning, day and night. Made for a tough hunt.

We were successful, but not on the two we were originally chasing. It was the thirteenth day we got lucky and very thankful to harvest one of the best tasting wild game animals out there…

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