Kristy Crabtree

After years of cooking big game, upland game and waterfowl, I found success in crafting recipes in the kitchen that use simple steps and everyday ingredients. I hope that you will use my recipes to experiment, adapt, change and inspire others to find respect and passion for any harvests brought home to the table. At the end of everyday there’s something special about enjoying your own home cooked meal and reminiscing with family and friends. I hope you enjoy this site ~Kristy Learn More

Elk Meat Recipe

Herb Crusted Elk Steaks with Marsala Mushrooms

The key to the success of this dish is to never ever overcook your elk steaks. That… and of course, searing the meat directly in the pan that the bacon, mushrooms and marsala wine just came from. The bacon grease that seasons the pan will leave an amazingly flavorful outer crust on each piece of meat that will leave you wanting more.

Elk Vin Rouge

Vin Rouge with Elk

Figuring out ways to cook tough cuts of meat can be difficult at times, but braising your meat for several hours creates a savory and rich outcome direct to your dinner plate.

Mini-Elk Meatball Stroganoff

Mini-Elk Meatball Stroganoff

Mini-Elk Meatball Strogonoff

Looking for a delicious meal that really does take less than 35 minutes to prepare… then you can’t beat a good Stroganoff meal. I enjoy making my stroganoff’s a little different than most. I keep the sauce off the noodles and simply add to the top of the dish.

Bacon Wrapped Elk

Dry Rub Elk Sirloin Kabobs

Dry rubbed Elk Sirloin with Pepper Bacon is an easy recipe to throw together when you’re looking at preparing either a great meal or a quick appetizer for guests. We make this recipe quite often using really whatever we have in the freezer… It tastes great with Venison, Goose, Sage Hen and Duck.

Canada Goose Bacon Skewers

Canada Goose Bacon Skewers

With fall hunting upon us, we tend to have a lot of waterfowl filling up the refrigerator. The best time to cook anything is right away when it’s fresh. So a recipe that we love and our friends love is easy to cook and will leave you with zero leftovers and extra room in the freezer.