Gearing Up for 2014 Antelope and Bull Elk

It’s July 11, 2014 and the days are going by a lot faster now that we know we have drawn 5 Nevada Big Game Tags.

This year is a little special since I’ll be celebrating my 40th Birthday scouring Nevada’s landscape in search of three big game animals I’ve been lucky enough to have drawn. I drew an Antelope (rifle) and a Cow Elk and Bull Elk (muzzleloader) tag. Talk about an absolute shock to the system having pulled one of the hardest tags and having drawn it in one of the most sacred and beautiful places in Nevada.

I have to say, I just learned to shoot a muzzleloader this year and am a little nervous to have such an amazing opportunity for a harvest. I’ve been around a lot of folks who head hunt and only look for the ‘Big Guys’, but I’m thinking I may just be in it for the opportunity to see how close we can get and the opportunity to fill the freezer again. I’m just not sure yet. I’ll have to let you know after we get back.

Andy, on the other hand, also drew an Antelope tag and a Cow Elk tag in the same areas as me. I can only hope that I can follow in his footsteps to help provide and add to the freezer this year. I’m sure that with 15 years of total enjoyment of the experiences I have had hunting Nevada, that this year will be one that will TOP THEM ALL!


Andy's Bull Elk 2009

Andy’s Bull Elk 2009

Cow Elk 2013

Cow Elk 2013

Andy's Antelope 2011

Andy’s Antelope 2011

Beautiful Nevada

Beautiful Nevada

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