Pronghorn Antelope Recipes

My Favorite Antelope Dishes
Antelope round steak in the crockpot

Slow Cooked Antelope

Round steak is often tough, and hard to cook. One of my favorite ways to cook it is in a crockpot. Slow cooking it really helps give it a better flavor and a softer texture. Slow cooked antelope is perfect for tacos, stroganoff or breakfast burritos.

Mini Antelope Meat Pies

Antelope Meat Pies

A pound of ground antelope, venison or elk, shaved carrots, brown mushrooms, diced shallots and some ricotta cheese are what makes these personalized meat pies Delicious.

Antelope backstrap in sage butter

Antelope backstrap in sage butter

Antelope is such a tender and flavorful meat that it makes it easy to prepare with minimum ingredients and minimum cooking time. This recipe is quick, easy and full of high intensity flavors. Enjoy!


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