Top 8 Best Venison Recipes You Need to Cook

Grilled Venison Chili Burgers

Looking for delicious venison recipes to cook at home? Try these 8 venison recipes from venison steak bites to grilled venison chile cheeseburgers or a simple mixed berry pan sauce for your venison tenderloin.

Here are 8 venison recipes you should try this season:

Venison and Elk Steak Bites

1. Venison Steak Bites Recipe

The minimal ingredients for these tender steak bites turn plain wild game meat into something really delicious and full of flavor! You can serve these steak bites as finger foods with your favorite dipping sauce or use them to top off another family favorite dish such as mashed potatoes and gravy or something as simple as spaghetti. A perfect weeknight wild game dinner idea.

Grilled Venison Tacos

2. Grilled Venison Tacos with Cilantro Chimichurri Recipe

A fusion of cuisines combined with a medley of spices turn these grilled venison backstrap tacos into a mouthwatering addiction.

Fusion cuisine or fusion food is a generalized term of dishes usually based on foods from one culture and prepared using different ingredients and flavors from another culture. In this recipe, I’m using what some refer to as the filet mignon or the backstrap, along with a medley of seasonings common in Mexican dishes and an uncooked sauce that sources say originated in Central and South America known as ‘chimichurri’.

Grilled Venison Chili Burgers

3. Grilled Venison Chile Cheeseburgers with Fried Shallots Recipe

If you’ve got ground game in the freezer, grab out a pound to a pound and a half and whip up these Chile Cheeseburgers with Fried Shallots. So simple to make and in all seriousness, they are outstanding. If you don’t have shallots, substitute a sweet onion and be sure to use a potato bun. The bun is what makes the burger. Potato buns tend to be soft and delicate allowing the bun to squish down and form around the meat patty and all of the goodies on top. The chiles are roasted until soft and add a bit of heat with every bite. I kept the venison patties simple to really draw out the flavors by simply seasoning with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Ground Venison Pasta Bake

4. Ground Venison Pasta Bake Recipe

Dinner doesn’t always have to be complicated to impress friends and family. Trust me, I love to cook everyday, but there are those days I find myself making the simplest of dishes that taste just as great as some of the more complicated ones. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m craving carbs and cheese. Who knows. It could be the change in the weather from warm summer nights to cool crisp fall evenings. Comfort Food at its finest.

Venison Parmesan

5. Venison Parmigiana Recipe

Lightly breaded and lightly pan fried. Simmered in a Marinara sauce. Simple and Oh so Good!

6. Mixed Berry Pan Sauce for Venison Recipe

This blackberry and blueberry steak sauce is ideal for spring and summer months especially since this is the prime growing season for the sweet edible berries. I like to add a few other ingredients to the sauce like a finely chopped shallots caramelized in butter, rosemary, balsamic vinegar, honey and red wine.

Venison Green Chile Stew with a Kick

7. Venison Green Chile Stew Recipe

When combining tender cuts of venison, roasted Chile peppers, a mild essence of corn and salt along with a blend of seasonings, this venison green chile stew will give you comfort and keep you warm this winter with every mouthwatering bite.

Antelope Scaloppine

8. Venison Scaloppine Recipe

Scaloppine is such a simple and elegant dish that can be made with any kind of meat. The only requirement for the dish is that the meat is sliced thin so it can be cooked quickly over high heat. I prefer to dredge the cutlets in flour before cooking in a blend of oil and butter. This will give the exterior of each piece of meat a delicate golden brown crust. Remove the meat and set aside. Add the shallots and remaining butter to the skillet and cook until softened. Squeeze a lemon into the sauce and stir. Serve the cutlets over a bed of noodles, add a few olives and then drizzle the sauce over the top and enjoy!

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