Two Days and Counting

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With two days left before the first of 5 Nevada big game tags to fill, I’m feeling excited, anxious and nervous.

Who wouldn’t be. Right?

Andy and I have been planning this for what seems to be months and months now. We’ve been stock piling all of our gear on the dining room table, sighting in the muzzleloaders and rifles on the weekends and asking ourselves just how the heck are we going to fill so many tags in so little time.

Antelope and Elk Photo Collage

I even created a picture collage and taped all the photos to the front of the refrigerator for inspiration.

I’m focused. I’m ready. Sure I am. (HAHAHA!)

Well the time has come to put all of this planning and strategy into play. We will just have to see how things work out. I’m sure you already know it probably won’t happen the way we’ve been planning but we can always work hard, hope for the best and enjoy the adventures that we’re going to have.

Antelope and Elk Photo Collage

I think this may be the best way to celebrate my 40th Birthday… 4am mornings, miles and miles of hiking, days without showering and waking up to see the sunrise and the sun set! I wouldn’t trade that for anything!

Happy Hunting! NOW LETS FILL THE FREEZER! ~Kristy


Antelope black bean and white corn tacos

Antelope black bean and white corn tacos

Antelope black bean and white corn tacos

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