Best Venison Recipes

A personal collection of simple wild game recipes
Venison with Arugula/Spinach Pesto

Venison with Arugula/Spinach Pesto

This no cook pesto sauce doesn’t use the traditional fresh basil but instead incorporates a peppery flavored leafy green known…

Smoked Ground Venison RollUp

Smoked Ground Venison RollUp

If you’re like me, you might find yourself constantly searching for New and Flavorful ways to utilize some of that…

Garlic Studded Venison Roast

Garlic Studded Venison Roast

If you are looking for a different spin on baking or smoking your Venison roast, try adding whole garlic cloves…

Venison Parmesan

Venison Parmigiana

Lightly breaded and lightly pan fried. Simmered in a Marinara sauce. Simple and Oh so Good! No need for sides….

Venison Steaks with Brown Gravy

Venison Steaks with Brown Gravy

This simple venison steak with gravy recipe is absolutely delicious and can easily be made with just a few everyday…

How to Grind Venison Meat

How We Grind Venison Meat

This is just another suggestion on how to grind up your deer meat this season if you process it yourself….

Venison Stuffed Loin

Stuffed Venison Loin

I am so thankful that Andy and I were able to harvest both of our Nevada Mule Deer this year….

Wild Game Meat Pie

Wild Game Meat Pie

Looking for comfort food for dinner? Try cooking up this simple to prepare wild game meat pie. I used ground…

Elk Gumbo

Wild Game Elk Gumbo

I recently attended a wild game cooking class in Reno that was put on by both The Nevada Department of…

Venison Chili Verde

Venison Chili Verde

If you realized you had just one package of venison left in the freezer, how would you prepare it? I…

Venison Moussaka

Venison Moussaka

Moussaka is an eastern Mediterranean dish that includes eggplant baked with ground meat and seasoned with spices including cinnamon and…

Triple Wild Game Chili

Best Wild Game Chili

Chili seems to be a signature dish most often cooked up during the changing of the seasons. When the days…

Venison Garlic Bacon Hamburger

Venison Garlic Bacon Burger

There’s nothing like a juicy venison hamburger loaded up with thick bacon, melted cheddar cheese and a crisp onion smothered…

Venison Taco Appetizers

Quick and delicious Thursday night football Velveeta Queso Dip Mini Venison Tacos topped with cucumbers, green chilies, onion and tomatoes!…

Venison Tortellini Skillet Bake

Venison Cheese Tortellini Bake

A flavorful wild game recipe that is easy to prepare and includes ground venison, cheese tortellini, petite diced tomatoes and…

Elk and Venison Wellington

Elk and venison wellington

If you’ve ever cooked beef wellington then you know it takes a little time, but it’s a simple recipe…and the…

Elk Venison Backstrap Appetizers

Backstrap Appetizer

It has been tradition to cook up some of the backstrap as soon as we get back to camp after…

Venison Burger Bake

Venison Burger Bake

Forget about Meatless Monday’s. I’d prefer to celebrate Monday with this Venison Burger Bake topped with Cornbread Stove Top Stuffing. Serve warm with a side salad or nothing at all.

Easy Elk Chili Recipe

Elk Chili for Two

A quick and hearty elk chili that uses minimal ingredients and makes just the right amount of food for two. Try substituting ground venison or antelope.

Venison Hamburger Recipe

Ground Venison Hamburgers with All The Fixings

You just can’t beat a single or double stacked fresh ground venison hamburger topped with sharp cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon and avocado… and let’s not forget a little extra added heat from the jalapenos.

Venison Salami Calzones

Venison salami calzones with fontina cheese

What do you do when you have an over abundance of wild game salami in the fridge… you can make these easy salami calzones with fontina cheese, parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, red bell pepper and carmelized onions.