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Best Venison Recipes

A personal collection of simple wild game recipes
Easy Elk Chili Recipe

Elk Chili for Two

A quick and hearty elk chili that uses minimal ingredients and makes just the right amount of food for two. Try substituting ground venison or antelope.

Venison Hamburger Recipe

Ground Venison Hamburgers with All The Fixings

You just can’t beat a single or double stacked fresh ground venison hamburger topped with sharp cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon and avocado… and let’s not forget a little extra added heat from the jalapenos.

Venison Salami Calzones

Venison salami calzones with fontina cheese

What do you do when you have an over abundance of wild game salami in the fridge… you can make these easy salami calzones with fontina cheese, parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, red bell pepper and carmelized onions.