Wild Game Burger Recipes

Recipes for what to dish up with all that ground game meat

Venison Taco Appetizers

Quick and delicious Thursday night football Velveeta Queso Dip Mini Venison Tacos topped with cucumbers, green chilies, onion and tomatoes!…

Ground Antelope Chorizo Burger

The Best Antelope Burger

Antelope Sliders For the past couple of years, I’ve been grinding different variations of burger and freezing it. I’ve ground…

Cowboy Elk Pizza

The Cowboy Elk Pizza

The Cowboy Pizza, from Papa Murphy’s, is my all time favorite take-n-bake bought pizza topped with sausage, mushrooms, black olives,…

Classic Elk Skillet Lasagna

Classic Elk Lasagna

Lasagna has always been known as a classic comfort food with layered rich tomato sauce, thick lasagna noodles and a…

Elk Skillet Shepherds Pie Recipe

Elk Skillet Shepherd Pie

One of the families favorites is Shepherd’s Pie. This Elk Skillet Shepherd Pie uses ground elk, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms sauteed…

Venison Burger Bake

Venison Burger Bake

Forget about Meatless Monday’s. I’d prefer to celebrate Monday with this Venison Burger Bake topped with Cornbread Stove Top Stuffing. Serve warm with a side salad or nothing at all.

Easy Elk Chili Recipe

Elk Chili for Two

A quick and hearty elk chili that uses minimal ingredients and makes just the right amount of food for two. Try substituting ground venison or antelope.

Tequila Elk Enchiladas

Tequila Elk Green Chili Enchiladas

Elk and cheese-filled flour tortillas baked under a green sauce infused with tequila. Adjust the amount of tequila to suit your taste. Enjoy! (Substitute ground venison or antelope.)

Bacon Jalapeno Garlic Elk Burger

Ground elk, bacon, garlic and jalapeno burgers

I’m borrowing this recipe from some friends since I thought it was a great combination for making some Bold and Flavorful elk burgers. It’s a simple recipe that I’m sure would be just as good using other game meat as a replacement if elk is not on hand.

Mini Antelope Meat Pies

Antelope Meat Pies

A pound of ground antelope, venison or elk, shaved carrots, brown mushrooms, diced shallots and some ricotta cheese are what makes these personalized meat pies Delicious.

Elk Meatloaf Recipes

Elk meatloaf with olives

Try something different with your meatloaf… Make elk meatloaf with olives, onions, horseradish and a little parmesan cheese served up with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. Leave me a message and let me know what you think!

Elk Burger Stuffed Murshrooms

Elk stuffed mushrooms

The perfect appetizer for impressing your dinner guests has to be Mushrooms stuffed with ground elk, barbequed sweet onion and smoked mozzarella cheese hot out of the oven.

Elk Burgers w/ Gorgonzola & Caramelized Onions

Elk Burgers w/ Gorgonzola & Caramelized Onions

There’s no substitute for a great juicy mouth watering hamburger… well, unless it’s an Elk burger. With just about 80 packages of Elk Burger shoved into three freezers – we have to be a little more creative with our recipes.


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