Game Birds & Waterfowl Recipes

A personal collection of simple waterfowl recipes
Duck Chow Mein

Duck Chow Mein

Asian stir-fry’s are some of my favorite ways to incorporate waterfowl and fresh vegetables. This duck chow mein recipe is…

Duck Breast Egg Rolls

Duck Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are easy to make and taste great with marinated duck and fresh vegetables. Serve these up with some…

Fied Vegetable Tempura

Vegetable Tempura

Looking for inspiration on what to cook alongside your wild game? These deep-fried vegetables are easy to make and more…

Ground Duck and Sausage Sliders

OK, truth be told, this isn’t 100% my own recipe for these flavor packed chipotle duck and sausage mini sliders, but I do have to say I did grind my own pork sausage used in this recipe and added a little extra KICK!

Sousvide Pheasant Breasts Recipe

Buttered pheasant – SousVide Supreme

I’m a pretty simple cook when it comes to cooking up wild game cuisine, but when asked if I have ever tried cooking wild game in a SousVide Supreme machine, my first response was… “What the heck is it?”

Goose Meat Potstickers

Canada goose potstickers

Don’t knock it till you try it. And once you try it… well, you’ll be hooked! We made 50 of these moist and flavorful Canadian Goose Potstickers and they were gone in a matter of minutes!

Parmesan Chukar Recipe

Chukar ala Parmesan

Thank you to our good friends Danny and Leslie for sharing their ‘Secret’ Parmesan Chukar recipe. What I enjoy about this recipe as well as several of the other Big Game Recipes is that they are all flexible for other substitute game birds and game meats!

Duck Meat Egg Rolls

Blue wing teal duck egg rolls

So the question is which is better: Fried or Baked? My answer would have to be that they are both amazing but you just can’t beat anything that’s fried. PERIOD!

Canada Goose Bacon Skewers

Canada Goose Bacon Skewers

With fall hunting upon us, we tend to have a lot of waterfowl filling up the refrigerator. The best time to cook anything is right away when it’s fresh. So a recipe that we love and our friends love is easy to cook and will leave you with zero leftovers and extra room in the freezer.