Elk and Deer Hunt 2013

North Eastern Nevada
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Lucky for us, Andy drew a mule deer and cow elk muzzleloader tag in the same area of Northern Nevada.

We packed for weeks before this cow elk and mule deer hunt. Making sure that we had everything we needed. Gun, ammo, food, ice, warm gear, wet weather gear, gas and of course enough boxed wine for those late nights getting back to camp.

It took us nearly 9 hours to get near the spot we wanted to camp. The road had been washed out by early rains leaving rocks and deep spaces in the road. It’s a calculated process having to tow a double axle trailer with two heavy quads in these conditions. We parked the truck and unloaded the quads to get a better look at the roads ahead.

Sure enough, the excitement factor takes over and our plan to look at the campsite quickly turned into an hour of scouting. Gone from the truck and a few miles in, we felt a few rain drops. Thinking nothing of it in our tshirt, jeans and tennis shoes, we kept going a little further. Not less than five minutes it began to rain and rain hard. Back to the truck we went – soaked.

This was only our first day. We’d have to start over the next day.

It took us 8 days to harvest the cow elk. Which we packed out in less than three hours. We were quick because it was 4:30 pm and I had forgotten the gun back at camp. Andy was out of ammo for the muzzleloader and we had heard about wolves in the country earlier from a few cowboys rounding up cattle. That was enough to get us motivated to tag team the meat back to the quads ASAP.

to be continued…

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